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Mixed more clay today. I threw some soup bowls for the charity and some tumblers today. Also made a bunch of test chips for glaze testing. Leach's wood ash was not opaque white so I put some Opax in it and will retest before the glaze firing. The dirt red is working, it needed Si. I am really excited for this next glaze load but the second cataract surgery is Thursday and Pat has us going on a vacation next week. I might be able to bisque the larger kiln this weekend but there will be no time to glaze and fire twice. I should photograph the bowls I already have and post them. They are dirt & PVC over it and it really looks good. Even the cone 5 looks different re-fired at cone 1. The St Helen's ash seems to be working really well. I am running out of BBQ ash so I will have to make some more,

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Decided to test my cone 5 clay for water absorption. it weighed 55.5 grams dry. We'll see how much it weighs after being soaked. Also It looked good in that it has sufficient native clay in it, ass


Someone should kick me in the head. For 14 years we mixed clay from powder at Kamiakin High School and it never occurred to me to dry screen Othello clay and dry mix it with Lincoln to make cone 8 cl


Loaded the re-fire of cone 01 today to fire tomorrow. The bonzai guy contacted me and he wants to come over and pick see them. I told him Sunday. It would be cool if this works out. I am pretty ex

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