• Pat Fleming


Mixed more clay today. I threw some soup bowls for the charity and some tumblers today. Also made a bunch of test chips for glaze testing. Leach's wood ash was not opaque white so I put some Opax in it and will retest before the glaze firing. The dirt red is working, it needed Si. I am really excited for this next glaze load but the second cataract surgery is Thursday and Pat has us going on a vacation next week. I might be able to bisque the larger kiln this weekend but there will be no time to glaze and fire twice. I should photograph the bowls I already have and post them. They are dirt & PVC over it and it really looks good. Even the cone 5 looks different re-fired at cone 1. The St Helen's ash seems to be working really well. I am running out of BBQ ash so I will have to make some more,

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Delivered part of the planter order for Anything Grows. It feels good to be selling wholesale again. it has been awhile. Brandon ask, on Face Book, does anyone know of a local potter to make bonsai


Had a good test firing today. The blue under PVC at cone 03 is really bright and looks good. The planters are in the good kiln with Manganese glaze under PVC and I hope it works. If they work they w


I have bisque fired the planters that I hope to sell locally. Glaze tomorrow. The PVC glaze over the manganese glaze looks good but the pvc needs to be thick enough. I think my smaller kiln needs a