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Again with the catchy title. I have this glaze that is made from the same materials that were my first glaze in 1972. It comes out clear and is supposed to be milky white. There are several test chips drying in the pottery for testing. The dirt glaze is very strong but it has more manganese than I like so the iron doesn't come through as much as I like. I trimmed 3 bowls today and trimmed the foot which I haven't done for decades, I usually just leave them flat. I have been reading on some of the sites I am on about scratching tables so now there is less contact. Finished a painting and started another one. For the October Uptown show I will again have a box of paintings for $5 each. Making 5"X7" acrylic paintings on used watercolor paper is so fun. They take about 30 minutes and I probably have 200 of them by now. I sold 6 of them in August. We will be in Canada for the Sept show so I will miss it. Our group hung a new show in the Richland Library today. On Thursday we have First Thursday and on Saturday we take down the exhibit in Othello and deliver mugs to Basin City.

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