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This is my second day with a blog. How cool is this! My wife is planning on showing me how to post pictures on the blog site and then we will have something to look at. I am Patrick Fleming and this is my 54th year of art being part of my livelihood and my 48th year of teaching the stuff. One alarming thing that I have seen for many years is that no matter how much you have studied and no matter how long something has been your livelihood everyone thinks they know more about it than you do. I wonder if other careers have the same problem. Anyway, art has been my professional life and I am glad it chose me to do this and I will never be able to repay my wife of 52 years in 2 months for supporting me in my desire to return to school to teach the stuff. I was an industrial illustrator when we married. I am currently teaching for Kennewick Community School and plan on substituting for Pasco again this year if I can decipher their log in.

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