• Pat Fleming

September 24. 2020

The last cone 8 firing was marvelous. I actually am amazed at how good they look. This has been a banner year for glazing and that is after the worst 6 month in my 49 year career. Tomorrow I will take some pots to Moses Lake and Othello. I plan on taking some buckets and getting some more clay in Othello. On Monday I plan on starting the second video for ArtWalla on using native clay as a glaze ingredient. I plan on doing it at one setting so all we have to do is edit the very beginning and the end when I turn the camera off. I will set it up on Sunday, I hope. It will also go the a native clay site that I am on too. Nephew David has invited some of us to his house on Monday evening to paint the sunset etc. I plan on going. We have been talking about painting together for years but it never happened. Maybe it will this time. Have a good one. Thanks.

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