• Pat Fleming

Our trip to Canada

We went to Canada and got a lot of pictures and ideas. I posted the first watercolor from the trip. It is of water and mountains on the way to Banff so it is labeled "On The Way To Banff." It is on my IG site. There is another painting, of a bear, but it needs work. I bisque fired today and could not get to temp. I'll bet an element broke. That is the 4th element this year. I mixed a new plastic vitrox and gerstly borate 50/50 because the other batch will not turn white. How odd! There are 4 test tiles in the test kiln for tomorrow. The light glaze goes over the dirt glaze as another layer. The pots are destined to finish the commercial mugs for the hardware store in Basin City. I joined a new painting group and looked into a bird painting group. These came from my IG site. Someone responded to a bird painting and suggested I look up the 20 Winter Bird Challenge. Tomorrow I work on Koi pond and re-wire kiln.. Patricia says I should make more interesting shaped pots and fewer mugs and I suppose she is right. We bough a tea pot in Canada and a pot in Montana. Nice shapes.


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