• Pat Fleming

October 5, 2020

Time flies. Just took a semi-disappointing load out of the kiln. Apparently while demonstrating for my last video I screened local clay and put it back in the cone 5 glaze. It came out looking underfired. I will adjust. I did get a marvelous firing last week at cone 8. We got our latest video done and have received some responses. One of the site refused to show it because they thought it was someone else's posting. Then She got mad because I also shared it with other sites. The pottery goal is to get the results at cone 5 that we get at cone 8. I don't know why cone 8 bothers me. I think it is because it is a cone 6 kiln but that shouldn't matter. I need to think about that. I plan on continuing re-firing at cone 5 for a while until it works or doesn't work. If it doesn't work maybe I should bring out the old Skutt kiln that was a cone 10 kiln. We'll see.


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October 7 2020

I seems that when I mixed up some clay for my last video I poured it into the wrong bucket and made the Dirt Glaze more refactory. I added some borate and tested it today. It seems OK. Tomorrow we

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