• Pat Fleming

November 6, 2019

Bisque fired today. The kiln seems sluggish. I will check elements tomorrow. I am firing to cone 8 which is 2 cones above the designed maximum temp so the elements won't last as long as expected. I have a set of new cone 10 elements on the shelf. I got some wood ash today from the Berriochoas and their smoker. I wonder where the ash goes from our smoker. I bought some playground sand from Home Depot today and priced Webber BBQs. The sand should speckle the clay. I think I might buy a small BBQ with a catcher for the ash that goes through the bottom air holes. We hang a new show at the Richland Library tomorrow and I have what should be my last eye exam after cataract surgery. Let's hope. I plan on taking my new Jessye paintings to the library. The drawing if off but the painting looks good. Also I got a replacement for my projector bulb and also found one on e-bay for $17. The other one costed $50. so now I have 2 of them but neither is delivered yet. I am working on an elephant painting. I am really enjoying painting large again. Pots are due at Moses Lake, Dayton and the winery by the end of this month. Whew, I hope the kiln holds up. Also paintings are due at Moses Lake in December.


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