• Pat Fleming

November 3

Started making wine cups today with the word wine and hearts on them. There are so many things happening now it is getting spooky. I need to take pots to Wenaha Gallery, Moses Lake Museum, the winery for the Christmas show and then get the paintings ready for the feature show in December. I was disappointed that the winery backed out of my pottery show but it appears that it was a good idea. It seems odd to be busy after being almost idle for so long. The Beggars Banquet last night honored me and told everybody that I had made 100 soup bowls for their fund raiser. Actually I fell really short of the 100 bowls. I did 126 for another Empty Soup Bowls charity drive Next year I will do them proud with 100 matching bowls with their logo on the side like I did a few years ago. My dirt glaze is magic. I added extra iron and silica and it works.

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