• Pat Fleming

November 3

We had the Beggars Banquet last night. Pat and I go all dressed up and went to it. I had a suit and tie and it felt kind of funny but at the same time it felt good. She looked gorgeous with her dress and silver hair. The speakers mentioned me and the bowls that I had donated for soup. My name appears on the program. How lucky I am. I actually didn't get to 100 bowls because of the move and the commercial orders and the fact that I have slowed down and seem to have lost my edge. Also with 5 kiln malfunctions and consequently np test kiln there were road blocks I ordered a new element for the larger test kiln and it should be here this week. I have moved back to cone 8 for the dirt glazes and an happy but the wear and tear on the kilns will be bothersome but I have decided to keep true to the cone 8 and the iron red we get from local soil. Next year I will have 100 bowls with an applique logo for sure. Also my professional projector has lost it's bulb again, I bough a new on and it broke while being installed. I think they are cheap knockoffs and I guess the projector is obsolete and will be discarded. I started an new painting of Jessye Norman using the 4" squares and it is time consuming but it feels more honorable. We'll see. I want a group of large musician paintings for the July show in the winery. More next time.

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