• Pat Fleming

November 27 2019

The cataract surgery that didn't go well was fixed yesterday. I went in to the optometrist to see if I could pay for a physical eye exam since they couldn't charge insurance until90 days after the operation. The receptionist called the cataract people and must have said something because they did another procedure to remove a piece of cataract that was left behind. What a difference. Modern medicine is marvelous. I couldn't sleep last night due to the elation of my eye not hurting and the excellent cone 8 glaze firing. I am re-firing to cone 1 tomorrow. While tossing and turning I asked myself that since my most successful glaze is local soil and wood ash or borate why not mix my cream colored clay and wood ash for a light colored glaze? Mixed one up today-30%ash/70% clay. Fire ASAP.


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