• Pat Fleming

November 18

Hello. The greenware is ready to bisque tomorrow. The re-fire cone 1 firing in the test kiln looks good too. Whew! Started another 8X10 inch painting for the winery show in the Sumer. It feels good to have some things work out. I am calling the elephant painting done and will exhibit the next time we rotate at Gallery Underground along with Jessye. I was also surprised to find the clay slurry that hanging in canvas bags was ready for use. It seemed too wet the last time I checked it. The dirt glaze is working well. I mixed Othello clay but call it dirt 80% with borate, lithium, BBQ ash, and a frit that I was given. They all have possibilities. I am anxious to fire them up. I did screw up by adding extra dirt to the wrong glaze. We'll see what happens.

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