• Pat Fleming

November 12, 2019

Took pots to Othello and Moses Lake today. I also got the information that I had lost about the wine show in Moses Lake. I entered 5 paintings and got 4 accepted. We also decided on a delivery date for the music paintings. So I will have pots in the gift shop, paintings on the gift shop wall and 4 paintings hanging in the juried show. Also, we got the new element for the test kiln today. I put it in this evening and will fire it tomorrow for what the manufacturer said was seasoning. I can finally test my dirt glaze for flaws. Something is making the dirt glaze that I added Mt. St. Helens ash to bubble and I think it is the ash. If it is I will haul it away. Lots to do and it seems that we are getting busier. My new, used, truck will go into the shop on Monday to have the cooling system fixed. It is an 04 Chevy 1/2 ton and will replace my S10 which is too small and a mistake. The S10 is a really nice P/U though. We'll see if the 1/2 ton works better. I feel like I am really behind in producing pots. The Jessye and the elephant paintings are coming along nicely. Maybe I should concentrate on pots for a while. The exhibit is 12-7&8.

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