• Pat Fleming

Nov 11

Just finished another cone 8 glaze load. As usual I am concerned because the glazed looked thin. Almost the entire load is Pats presents for the Rambling Rovers officers. I have 5 or so test chips in there too .I mixed up a big batch of dirt glaze, added some volcanic ash to #1, and am soaking the wood ash. Tomorrow I should mix up a big batch of wood ash glaze and adjust it as needed. It really is a nice glaze. Also started getting ready for the March 2020 show. I have started to do 8X10s and plan on making black frames. If I can't make suitable frames I will buy frames per Pats recommendation. I have started working large again and am struggling. It is like I "lost my hand." I did get a new bulb for the projector today, installed it and it works. The elephant painting is on hold and the Jessye painting needs work on the eyes. She had really odd eyes and I think that is what draws me to her image. I would like large paintings for the wineries. There are 3 winery shows scheduled over the next 16 months. More later. Thanks.

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