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Hello. I drove about 70 miles North today to get some Mt. St. Helen's volcanic ash. Earle is a nice guy who seems to think that the ash is somehow special. I told him I would use it as a glaze and will but I might also add some to my clay for color and texture. It is the fluffy kind so it will be good as a glaze by itself at cone 10 but needs some flux at cone 5. I told Earle I would make his a set of mugs. The real point is that the ash fires exactly like our dirt and I don't need it but who can look a gift pile of volcanic ash in the mouth. I bisque fired 10 new test chips today. I sure go through them. My gout is acting up quite a bit and it is really screwing things up. I forgot how much it hurts. This is only my third serious bout with it. I usually take care of it with ibuprofen and cherry juice. The cone 1 re-glaze kiln is ready for tomorrow and I expect it to be good. The last of the Farm and Home Hardware mugs to be shipped off and some Othello and Dayton mugs are in the kiln. Dayton and Othello and Moses Lake all want more pots. It feels good to be wanted but I can't seem to get them done. I suppose I could paint less.....Nah. I will be featured in Moses Lake as a painter in December as well as a winery as a potter the same month.

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