• Pat Fleming

May 5 2020

Yesterday we helped our son and daughter in law move her sister down from Spokane to Richland. Lots of work. Today I did another 6"x6" painting for ArtWalla fund raiser for art/Ed. That makes 5 with 3 more to go. One isn't working out and I might have to sand it off and redo. The exhibit, if it happens with the coved-19, is 5 months off so no worries. Tomorrow I fire to cone 8 with dirt glazes while fertilizing the lawn. Wenaha wants some more pots for their gallery in Dayton. They have sold a bunch and I have received 2 checks so far. I am reconsidering adding 3 parts Othello clay to my cone 5. I think 2 parts Othello and 1 part Mt. St. Helen's ash to 8 parts Lincoln clay. Our project of surrounding the new storage shed with plants is done so far so tomorrow I will do some ancillary projects, paint and pot. I need a white glaze for over the dirt. I think I will go with 1 part silica, 1 part clay and 2 parts frit. We'll see what happens. Also the white wood ash needs adjusting. Lots to do.

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