• Pat Fleming

May 21

I guess things change when you get older. I am depressed by my pottery. Something happened to my PVC glaze. It doesn't work. This is the glaze that I have been using for 48 years with extreme reliability. I like my new clay which is 8 parts Lincoln 60, 2 parts Othello clay and 1 part Mt. St. Helen's ash. It seems really tight and maybe I should back off the local material. The water absorption test showed 1.9% absorption. My sister gave me a bunch of frits from when she closed her ceramic shop and one of them shows promise. I am struggling mightily to get a white glaze or at least a light one with the chemicals I have with limited success. It seems that the struggle to "like you work" increases. Our Son-in-Law has invited me to participate in a Zoom meeting which is over the internet. It is about local art people trying to get together. It will be an uphill battle and I hope we can succeed. The Tri-Cities has had an continuous decline in opportunities for visual artists for a very long time. There is no communication and support between the art forms and the cities. More later.


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