• Pat Fleming

March 3 2020

It's been a while. Some strange and disturbing things have happened. I will try not to speak up even if I think it is to the benefit of some people so much. I know I will still speak up but I will try to do it more carefully. I posted a question on a pottery site about sieving glaze materials in dry form. It seems unsafe and is something I have never done or ever seen done before. The person who posted a selfie doing it didn't appreciate me asking and considered it a personal affront. If some one can't learn from someone with more experience in the field than they have been alive I guess there is no reason to try. I will move on.

On a brighter note I just tested a glaze and ran a bisque load today. On Thursday we will be demonstrating at a STEAM event in West Richland. Oddly, it is Richland where all the scientists and engineers live and yet their schools promote the arts more than my old district. STEM training, which excludes the arts, has made serious inroads in the local schools in spite of all the research the connects art/education to general education success.

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