• Pat Fleming

March 21 2020

I have been busy for a while. The carona virus has us staying home with me going to the store alone. We got a 10 ft X 16 ft storage shed and I have been moving the hundreds of paintings to it. My wife, Patricia, has decided to stop photography since her office managing at Rambling Rovers, our travel club, has kept her busy and is rewarding enough. I posted a new painting of Miles Davis that is headed to a feature show in July in Prosser. The show will be my musician series. I did a John Lennon and will post it if it passes scrutiny tomorrow. My test kiln broke an element and I had to bridge the gap and it is working again for a while. The bisque kiln is off as is the glaze test to so tomorrow I mix a PVC with local clay glaze and bite the bullet and work the bugs out of the scrap glazes before I use them again. I glazed an entire kiln load with the wrong glaze last week. It will be a challenge for fix that. The bisque load includes a the first plaque that I have done in over 40 years. It will be for the feature show at a winery. More later.

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