• Pat Fleming

July 22 2020

Hello. Tomorrow it will be under 100 degrees so I will fire my kiln. I got the pug mill started up but the clay will have to aged before it is any good. I will also get the hangers for the Artwalla 6X6s. The surface material for the walk way to the pond was delivered today. Tomorrow I will be running around shopping and stuff so it will be Friday, after lunch with the Rambling Rovers, before the sides are done and then Saturday before we start the decking. So, next week we can get ready for the September show at Wenaha Gallery. The show at the winery is still up in the air but if it happens I counted 26 suitable paintings in my painting room. So, there is a pottery exhibit at the Dayton Gallery and a painting exhibit in Prosser and another one in Walla Walla the same month. This will be fun.

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