• Pat Fleming

July 17

I am back. We bought the Trex for our new deck so I painted this afternoon. I might have finished a landscape of Deadwood Oregon. Never heard of Deadwood Oregon before we drove through it. I tested some straight Othello clay and a test chip of Dayton clay and Lincoln 50/50 to cone 01. I might need to buy some new cones for temps between 01 and 05. I want the Othello clay to be as hard a possible. I plan on buying some bentonite to add to my Othello clay with sand for strength and plasticity. I might have decided to fire to cone 5 and what ever temp the straight Othello wants-maybe cone 8. Getting ready for 3 shows in September is trying. I have a pottery show in Dayton, and filling in at Hedges Winery in Benton City with paintings and the 6"x6" charity drive in Walla Walla. I need to put wires on the 6X6s. It will be fun. I need to know what kind of paintings Hedges wants. I had my musician series at the other winery for 5 months so that area might be saturated.

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