• Pat Fleming

January 9, 2020

Loaded cone 8 kiln today. It was too late to fire so I will tomorrow. This is a glaze load so I will re-glaze and re-fire to cone 1 for the iron reds and wood ash oranges that I like so much . I will also refigure the 10 X ? storage building and order it then check in with the Pasco school district about substituting The building and all of our traveling has made me nervous about our finances. We are not accruing any more savings and it is my responsibility to provide. The GOP is trying to take away my Social Security and have already introduced a bill to do so although the democrats in the House will not pass it. That would be catastrophic for us. I enjoy subbing so it will be OK. I was dropped from the call list after not responding for almost a year after Kathryn died and the medical challenges we all suffer with age. I do have a juried show and 2 feature shows to prep for but that will be OK. Instead of making the frames for the winery show I will buy them with the money I make from subbing. Also I am behind with pottery but Christmas is over so the demand is slowed but I must get some more pots to Dayton, Moses Lake and Othello. If Pasco doesn't take me back as a sub I will go the Kennewick. We did move back to Kennewick anyway. Maybe I'll check in with Finley. I bought 3 bags of Lincoln 60 fire clay and 100 bag of silica sand yesterday. I really regret buying that bag of black sand. It causes very sharp shapes on the pots that make them unusable. I should throw it onto the lawn where the new shed will go. Tomorrow!

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