• Pat Fleming

January 8 2020

Finished another painting of the local winery today. My frame making isn't satisfying me. I think I might buy frames. I do worry about the expense and storage might become a problem. I suppose we should go ahead and buy the 10 X 20 storage unit but again, it's expensive. A bisque firing is happening now. Tomorrow glazing and 2 new glaze tests. It feels good to get out from under the sand trouble. Why don't I learn from past mistakes? If the black sand through an 80 mesh screen works It will be OK. I did buy a bag of 70 mesh silica sand yesterday. Also bought 3 bags of Lincoln Fire clay. It cost $7.75 a 50 lb bag and after mixed it will cost me less than 8 cents an lb. Why would anyone buy commercial clay. Tomorrow we have a hanging at the Richland Library at 9:30. The exhibits at the Keewayden Center in Kennewick are going good. Ed David's exhibit is the 7th monthly exhibit. Wouldn't it be something if they allowed me to continue? After the expanse we should be able to get up to 10 paintings hanging. Currently we have the second largest exhibit in a publicly funded venue in the TC area of almost 300,000 people. We should be ashamed.


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