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January 3

Tested four new glazes yesterday, 2 of them are being re-fired. The Lincoln clay/borate needs help. The Othello clay/borate/silica looks promising. I went to Spectra Gallery tonight to see the exhibit. It was OK. I did find that all of my previously mixed clay needs to be screened through the 80 mesh screen. The sand just melted and caused sharp points that can cut someone so all the pots need to be destroyed. I got accepted for a clay workshop in Walla Walla. We have an opening at the gallery in February. What fun. It is amazing that I have more art hanging in surrounding towns than in my own hometown and the population of all of the 4 other towns is about 1/3 of our home town. There should be enough green pots to fill the kiln next week and I can finally get some more pots. That will feel good. The frame I made seems OK too. There is a question about an exhibit in March. We'll see tomorrow.

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