• Pat Fleming

January 22, 2020

Loaded the cone 1 kiln today. Dropped one mug while cleaning it but there is a plethora of others on the shelf so there is that. Will fire the load tomorrow and then deliver some to Dayton. I bought the 6, 6X6 panels yesterday. I think I will return them. I have 14, 6X6 paintings already to hang so I should donate the $10 and let someone else have the empty panels. What a generous guy I am. I think I will call the David Gilmour and the still life done and hang on to the two paintings until the March show. I am wondering if Moses Lake musician paintings will be free for the march hanging. If so I might hang them and then retire them. Greg wants the Neil Pert painting and I should drop it off at his shop. I got the information on shale clay vs basaltic clay. Apparently the difference is the base stone which is reduced in size to be plastic. There are some chemical differences but they are due to the origin of the basalt of shale. The biggest difference is geometric and is irrelevant. Good to know.


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