• Pat Fleming

January 21, 2020

Fired cone 8 today. Will fire to cone 1 tomorrow. Made some bowls today and picked up 6- 6X6 panels for Spectra Gallery for a fund raiser. The paintings are due June 3 so I shouldn't have much trouble. My paintings are coming down from Moses Lake on Feb 20 and I am thinking of hanging them in the winery then retiring them. I am considering not painting anymore and substituting at high school with my time. I could make about $140 a day subbing and we could pay for the traveling and maybe a camper. The pots keep money trickling in and it has been my traditional art form. I am behind with pots in 2 galleries and it is embarrassing since they have been so good to me over the years. I mixed a new glaze today. It is Lincoln clay/borate/ opax. It is supposed to go to cone 8 but that sees like a lot of borate. We'll see if it needs Si. I asked some folks who should know about the difference between shale clay and basalt clay today and nobody seems to know. What a weird thing it is to know that the most common earth material is a mystery. There are 4 glaze test chips in this firing. I wish me luck.

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