• Pat Fleming

January 20 2020

Loaded a new glaze kiln. Cyberart 509 demonstrated at the Richland Library today. I demoed drawing. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. My clay/sand problem seems to be going away with time. I have started adding things to the dirt glaze. I have added 25% borate first then will add extra iron and maybe copper for a metallic sheen. I have, sort of, caught up with the wet clay and the weather. It is still wet and cold but some of the clay has finally dried enough. My latest still life is just sitting there for now. It is looking OK so far. Tomorrow I will try to slake the left over clay from my cone 5 days. Slowly but surely things are getting under control. I am questioning if I should throw the volcanic ash away or try to use it. Confusion.

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September 10, 2020

WOW! I think we have had a break through at cone 5. I am getting very good results with the dirt glaze. It's not completely the same but still good. I am getting ready to take a load to Moses Lake

August 29, 2020

Did a bisque fire today. Also loading up pots for Wenaha Gallery in Dayton. Some of these are the nicest pots I have ever made. The cone 8 dirt glaze with PVC over it is marvelous and the cone 5 ve


I have started making lidded soup bowls with handles. A friend suggested I do that and I thought it was a good idea. I got a check from one of my galleries up North. The Dayton/Walla Walla clay did

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