• Pat Fleming

January 16 2002

I got an email form Wenaha gallery today. They want me to be featured artist, as a potter I am sure, next Fall. What an honor. I am wondering if pulling my work out of the local co-op gallery wasn't a really good and timely move. I received a grant from another town's art group to give a workshop, share a feature show in March at a local winery, have another winery show in July, and then the other two things that I already mentioned. Patricia and I will be traveling to another regional city where 4 of my paintings were accepted in a juried exhibit while at the same time I am featured painter in the same organizations gift shop and gallery along with my pots which have been there for decades. I really need to get some more pots up there. I got a check today and they sold 10 of them so they are getting low. The same thing goes for Wenaha, they have been picked over. I plan on replacing all the pots. Some have been on exhibit for years. It is odd that I took so long to walk away from what I call The Hanford Wives' Club Gallery since after recruiting me to join in 1973 they started censoring my work. The first time, the office manager removed a ceramic sculpture from my featured artist exhibit. I was featured artist but the business lady in the office claimed to know about art than I do. She left and went to work for the girl Scouts. After that things have gone down hill. I guess "the times they are achangin." I really need a white cone 8 glaze.

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