• Pat Fleming

January 13, 2020

Finished kiln firing today. Tested glazes today too. Number 6 glaze really went bad. I really am looking for a white glaze. I started getting some larger paintings for the March winery show. I have 4 in the mill. I really like my David Gilmour painting. I am calling it "I wish you were here." I will post it soon. I gave up on the abstract on Masonite and cut it out, reversed it and built new supports which makes it smaller and then stretched canvas over the old framing. While waiting for the gesso to dry I started a 12 in. sq. beveled canvas wrap that had a girl's image on it. That gesso was put on a while back and is dry. I had to use vegetable broth in the goblet to look like chardonnay win I use cherry juice to look like cabernet. Lots of stuff happening.


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