• Pat Fleming

January 10 2020

Waiting and waiting for the kiln to reach temp. The painting of David Gilmore is working better than I though yesterday. It feels good. We set up a new show at Smokestop and Blessed tomorrow. Smokestop probably won't be around for very much longer. It is a vap shop and vaping is drawing a lot of fire from politicians. I am sure the ire is generated from tobacco money. What a con. I see where Neil Pert died. I was going to gesso over his painting but now I think maybe I won't at least for now. I kept the mugs and new pots in the wet box because the kiln will make the room so hot. We almost have another bisque firing ready. After we rehang maybe I can make some more pots. The clay is getting good. It sure takes a long time for it to dry in the Winter.

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