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It's October, go figure.

I am firing a cone 5 glaze and a test kiln of cone 8 today. The volcanic ash is really working out well. I am using it in my clay and glaze. I have a bunch of bisqued cone 8 stuff to go in ASAP. I want to deliver some bowls to Dayton and Moses Lake wants some stuff in November. We got some specially nice news today. The Kennewick Keewaydin Community Center will allow me to hang someone else's art. I emailed Greg and asked him if he wants to be first. How cool is this! I hope it doesn't back fire. Maybe I will hang my collection on Monday. I really blew the meeting with the art's council last night. I have too much invested in the Keewaydin center and I got carried away although them letting me hang another's art is a coup. We'll see if this works out. I plan on applying to Pendleton for a feature show and Walla Walla for a demonstration grant. I wish I knew how to apply photographs but fortunately Patricia does I will ask her to show me. . .

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