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it's been a while.

It's been a while since I have posted. We are doing stuff in our back yard. 2 feature shows have arisen too. Wenaha Gallery says that my show in September is still on and Bill asked me to fill in at a winery in Sept too. The winery was closed due to covid19 on the month that I was previously scheduled for. My cone 8 glazes are acting up and I picked an odd time to start using Othello clay by itself. A young lady posted on face book that she was at Roosevelt Lake and dug some clay and I responded and thought I might try the local clay by itself again only fire it higher. I might start mixing Othello and Lincoln 50/50. I need to find the best temp. What a mess. I probably need to test dirt glaze & Tea Dust at 8 again then decide which way to go. I am getting the iron red at cone 5 sometimes. This is the first time that has happened. I will call Bill or the winery to see if they have any thoughts on what kind of paintings to exhibit. My musician series hung at Walter Clore winery for 5 months but they were shut down for 3 of those months. I hold the record and even though no on could see the paintings for 60% of the time a record is a record. LOL.


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October 7 2020

I seems that when I mixed up some clay for my last video I poured it into the wrong bucket and made the Dirt Glaze more refactory. I added some borate and tested it today. It seems OK. Tomorrow we

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