• Pat Fleming


Almost done loading kiln for re-firing. That black sand is still causing grief. I will screen some more old clay tomorrow through the 80 mesh screen. The wood ash glaze is causing trouble too. What a bummer. My painting of David Gilmour is going OK but I don't think I like the lyrics in the back ground. I hope they can be painted out if I choose to tomorrow. My sister asked me for some Christmas cups that I gave out at nephew David's. I will try using clay with no sand although I did just buy a 100 lb bag of silica sand. Tomorrow we go to the winery to check out the walls. I and 2 others will be exhibiting there in February and March. Monday I plan on visiting the Spectra gallery to check out the 6X6 painting challenge. That should be fun. Busy, busy, busy and yet here I am blogging. I am going to check my kiln the go to bed.


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