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Happy Thanksgiving

Fired re-fire to cone 1 today while at daughters house for Thanksgiving. Also, maybe, finished complicated painting of wine glasses and bottles for July show at winery. Tomorrow we will hang Christmas lights and get ready to take paintings to Moses Lake Museum. I have 15 paintings of musicians like Bob Marley, BB King and others for a feature show in the gift shop. In January I will take 4 paintings that were juried into the annual show to the same place. So, in January I will have art in 3 different sections of the same publicly funded venue. I hope the firing is good and the dirt glaze is as red as can be. I am experimenting with local clay mixed with frits, ashes, borate and any flux I can find. I am also mixing my buff clay with wood ash for a glaze. To start we will have 20% ash and 80% clay. I will probably regret not starting of with 30% ash and 10% silica but so be it. I have 3 new containers of glaze experiments so now I can mix 6 experimental glazes at the same time. How fun! .

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