• Pat Fleming

Happy New Year 1-1-2020

My pottery is a mess. I bought the dark sand and it has really screwed my clay up. I will need to have all pots dried out, slake them then screen the clay through a 80 mesh screen. Tomorrow I will buy some fresh clay and white sand and start over by adding it to the slurry. That means I will have a lot of wet clay. If it was Sumer I could dry it quickly but it is Jan 1. Oh well, Spring is coming. Finished another still life painting with black back ground. I really like the look of these but I'll bet others wont. Oh well. My framing isn't working out very well. The sanded areas don't take the paint very well. I will buy some primer tomorrow and primer it then repaint. The show is in March so I have some time but not a whole lot since it takes so long to make these frames.


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