• Pat Fleming

Happy New Year.

New Years party tonight. We'll come home early and go to bed. I started screening the black sand and found some really large particles in it. That is probably the problem. I have discarded more pots than I have kept since I started having trouble with the firings. If this doesn't work I will buy some white sand from Western Materials. Travelled to Moses Lake yesterday to deliver the 4 paintings that got accepted to the juried how. It was cool seeing 6 of my paintings on the gift shop wall. They told me they will rotate the others out as needed. I am really excited about the glazes at cone 8 and want to carry this on further. A Lincoln fire clay/borate really holds promise. Lincoln, borate and Othello clay seems like a plan for the future. I also mixed some white and black slip to dip the leather hard pots into for scraffito and other stuff. Life is good except I wish our local governments would allow us to hang art in their buildings. We'll see.


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