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I started writing the grant from Walla Walla today but ran out of space in the form for y resume. I must say my proposal sounds pretty good to me. I am proposing to give a lecture, discussion and demonstration for about 4 hours. It will include the traditional things I do and how the tradition of pottery is so much better than buying expensive clay and glazes. I should finish it tomorrow assuming the kiln load that is currently cooling is good. The dirt glaze looked odd at ^8 and we will see how it looks at re-fire. The pots in the kiln are headed to Moses Lake and Dayton assuming the glaze worked. There is another glaze load tomorrow. I also ordered a new bulb for my projector and am starting to paint larger again for my show in July at a winery.


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September 10, 2020

WOW! I think we have had a break through at cone 5. I am getting very good results with the dirt glaze. It's not completely the same but still good. I am getting ready to take a load to Moses Lake

August 29, 2020

Did a bisque fire today. Also loading up pots for Wenaha Gallery in Dayton. Some of these are the nicest pots I have ever made. The cone 8 dirt glaze with PVC over it is marvelous and the cone 5 ve


I have started making lidded soup bowls with handles. A friend suggested I do that and I thought it was a good idea. I got a check from one of my galleries up North. The Dayton/Walla Walla clay did

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