• Pat Fleming

February 9, 2020

Interesting times are here. I had a first ever experience. I am thinking that my latest painting of Louis Armstrong might be done and will decide tomorrow. I photographed it as is my habit to study how it looks. For the first time in my recollection the photo looks better than the painting. Usually it is the opposite. It occurred to me as I lay in bed awake last night that I only have 11 days to get ready for a show at a local winery, retrieve the paintings from my feature show in Moses Lake, deliver pottery to Moses Lake and rotate the art at Gallery Underground. I was hoping to get back to substituting but I guess it will have to wait. I will unload kiln tomorrow, finish Louis and start a new Ray Charles then get them ready for the show. The plan is to bring my feature show pieces home for the winery. I just found out that the gallery that I left last year looks on my site. That is OK but I wonder why a gallery that is run by a business person and censored my artwork because of the way it is finished in the back would bother looking at my stuff. I was in the gallery for 46 years and had been subjected to their censorship and efforts of standardization since the beginning. Once the office manager removed a ceramic sculpture from my feature show. Imagine someone removing art from the featured artist's exhibit because she though she knew better than the artist. When business people dictate to the artists we are in trouble. I am still in 5 other galleries so it is all good. I also found out that no one reads my blog so it is all good. More later.


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