• Pat Fleming

December 22, 2019

Kiln is done but it is too hot to open. Tomorrow we will see how it worked. The Leach glaze does strange things at cone 8 but over the dirt glaze re-fired to 1 it really looks good. I think I should dip the bisque pots in water, dip them in dirt to get a really thin coat then the Leaches ash glaze, I threw some more mugs today. I trimmed a larger bowl and threw another one but the fresh clay was short and split at the lip. The mugs will have handles tomorrow then sit until we get back from California. The sand I bought at Home depot isn't working. I will screen it through the 80 mesh screen and see if that helps. Also, I think the volcanic ash would add some grit and I will try it before I discard all the accumulated ash.


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