• Pat Fleming

December 21

This has to be fast, I am cooking dinner. Glazed and am re-firing to cone 1 tomorrow. I think the sand I bought at Home Depot is causing severe sharp points on the final posts. I am Dremeling them and that is a pain. Getting ready for the juried show in Moses Lake. I will deliver them after we are back form California or maybe next week. I got 4 paintings in. I suppose there we only a few entries since the theme was so specific. The theme was wine and that is a theme of mine.

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Someone should kick me in the head. For 14 years we mixed clay from powder at Kamiakin High School and it never occurred to me to dry screen Othello clay and dry mix it with Lincoln to make cone 8 cl


Loaded the re-fire of cone 01 today to fire tomorrow. The bonzai guy contacted me and he wants to come over and pick see them. I told him Sunday. It would be cool if this works out. I am pretty ex


I think cone 01 is going to work. I am re-glazing some already fired pots and am holding my breath. I really like the clay and think I will add 1 quart of sand to 5 gallons of clay. I don't know ho

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