• Pat Fleming

December 19

Finished another painting today, I think, but can't post it. My phone is no longer hooked up to Instagram. I wonder why. I posted the image on FB so it can pop up and I can see what the first thing to hit my eye is and adjust if needed. Loaded another kiln load, will fire tomorrow. I might have screwed up. I wavered between firing to cone 5 vs cone 8. I added local cone 04 earthenware to my slurry then decided to stay at 8. I will have to add a bunch of Lincoln to the mix to get temp back up. Tomorrow we go to Prosser to change out 2 paintings and add some pots to 6th Street Gallery. Next week I need to go to Moses Lake to deliver the 4 paintings that got accepted to the juried show. I will have those there, I am also featured in the gift shop wall with my Musician series and also am featured as a potter. I like Moses Lake. I seem to be on a roll since I left Allied Arts or as we call it "The Hanford Wives Club Gallery." I have applied for a grant to give a pottery work shop in Walla Walla. We'll see if that works out. Also I have applied to another winery in Walla Walla and am applying to the Betty Freed Gallery in Pendleton. I have a winery show in March and another in July. Drove to Dayton on Tuesday. It was a terrible misunderstanding. I thought they wanted pots but they wanted mugs. Some lady came in and cleaned my mugs out but all I had with me was bowls, except for one mug. Mugs are short at Gallery Underground too. I made mugs today, handles tomorrow.

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