• Pat Fleming

December 10 2020

It is really getting tiring waiting for pots and clay to dry. I have been running the kiln with the lid open for 30 minute intervals trying to get the pots dry enough to fire. The Othello clay with silica added is in this wet stage. At this time it appears that the bentonite isn't necessary and maybe even the screening through the 80 mesh screen. We'll see. I am hopeful with this but then will have to decide to go with cone 5 or cone 8 for stoneware. It doesn't make sense to do three temps. Also it is yet to be decided if glazing the bottoms and stilts will be required-another test waiting for the pots to dry. I will fill a test pot up with water and set it on a paper towel over night. Also I have added 35% of borate to the dirt glaze to see if I can't get a reliable iron red at 5. I would rather fire lower temps but wood ash and local soil seem to want to go higher. We'll see. Wish me luck.

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