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December 10

I haven't posted in a while. It is amazing how time flies when you are in a lot art exhibits. We had a show at a winery over the week end and another show this Thursday and Friday at the Roxy. I should also take some bowls to Wenaha Gallery in Dayton too. The wine paintings are due in Moses Lake soon. Dave, Jen and Kelsey F will be hanging at the Keewayden Center tomorrow. I am in charge of that space. We are having lunch with Carol from 6th st. gallery today and I will suggest that I exchange some pots and paintings. I really need to keep up with her gallery since it is the closest one except ours and she has been very supportive of us. I have a new white (maybe) glaze. It is Neph Si, local clay and calcium. It is in the test kiln now. It might be tan or ochre because I substituted local earthenware for kaolin which is white. I am tired the dark dirt glaze and have considered returning to cone 5 for the PVC glaze which has been ridiculously reliable for over 40 years. I also want to work on the Leaches Ordinary stoneware glaze which has 30% ash in it. It needs some additional flux since it is too dry. It looks really great over the dirt when re-fired to cone 1. I really want a good, reliable white glaze to add colorants to. It occurred to me last week that I haven't added colorants to a glaze, except manganese (which I don't like) in years. More later..

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