• Pat Fleming

August 7 2020

We have had good success by re-glazing dirt glaze with PVC to cone 8. It is so successful along with Tea Dust that I am tempted to stay at cone 8 for a while. I did just mix a bunch of cone 5 clay so there is that. We'll see. I might be in good shape for Wenaha. I traveled to the Walter Clore Winery for the September/October exhibit. I send Carolyn the information on my past and I hope it is what she wanted. It will appear in a magazine. I made a short practice video again yesterday so I can Make that video on digging and processing native clay. I added silica and borate to the dirt glaze in hopes of making it stop crawling. The test pots were fired today so the test can happen tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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Well this is troublesome. The Othello clay has 17% shrinkage and almost 3 % water absorption. I might add some Si and some sand to try to lesson the shrinkage. I have test chips ready to test when


Delivered soup bowls to Carol's today. I will start new ones tomorrow with "Thank You" on then for charities in Prosser. Also finished and started a new painting today. I should post the still life


Happy Thanksgiving Day. It has become obvious that the native clay needs to be screened through the 80 mesh. I might have to add sand at that. That's ironic. It seems to be Ok and Seattle Pottery

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