• Pat Fleming

August 5, 2020

Well the dirt glaze crawls. This sucks. I put in a 1/2 cup or so silica and borate. I hope that helps. The test kiln is busy so I won't know for a couple of days. Am blindly loading the bigger kiln for a re-firing later this week. Seattle Pottery sent me an email telling me that one of the things I ordered is on back order. It is either borate, bentonite or a new thermocouple. The wouldn't tell me. I don't buy clay from them or most of my glaze materials so I guess it is not too terrible that they would do that. It makes me sad, though, to know they would not care for a customer even if I do dig my own clay. The test kiln is doing another re-glaze, re-fire. Re-glazing, re-firing has worked well so far but it is amazing to fire pots 5 times to get the results. At 6 cents a KWH all I can say is, it is what it is. That's the same thing #45 said about the covid19 deaths. I am struggling with the wall hangings for the Wenaha gallery show. Tomorrow I plan on buying a masonry drill and some construction adhesive. We'll see. Not painting until Wenaha is done and the Walter Clore show is set up. The third Clore exhibitor has not responded to my text. Hmmm.

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