• Pat Fleming

August 29, 2020

Did a bisque fire today. Also loading up pots for Wenaha Gallery in Dayton. Some of these are the nicest pots I have ever made. The cone 8 dirt glaze with PVC over it is marvelous and the cone 5 version has great potential too. Good times. I notified Moses Lake that I will bring some exchange pots up there in time to take the old ones out and donate them to their side walk fund raiser show. I think I mentioned that I found 2 bags of ball clay previously and that makes me think that I could use volcanic ash/ball 50/50 added to Lincoln 60 at the 1-3 ratio. That would save some Othello clay. I will try it on the side when I can. The test kiln element came in yesterday. I will need it for the cone 5 tests and I have some caliche to try and turn into a glaze. Next week I have to go to Hedges Winery to hang 20 + paintings, Pots to Wenaha on Thursday and stay home on Friday in case Brian calls to conference with his students about native ceramic materials. And then nothing. Brian has asked me to TEAM with his class and discuss native materials and their use in ceramics. Stuff seems to come in waves. I got bumped from my position as coordinator at Walter Clore Wine Center because I told the artists that they were closing and apparently they are not. They will not be exhibiting art work though so for us they are closing. The boss there is one of those people who strikes out rather than ask questions. I should be used to that by now. I taught middle school for 12 of my 33 years in public school. As always, I wish she had asked instead of attack but it is what it is. I won't exhibit there any more. I will miss some friends who work there though.


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Well this is troublesome. The Othello clay has 17% shrinkage and almost 3 % water absorption. I might add some Si and some sand to try to lesson the shrinkage. I have test chips ready to test when


Delivered soup bowls to Carol's today. I will start new ones tomorrow with "Thank You" on then for charities in Prosser. Also finished and started a new painting today. I should post the still life


Happy Thanksgiving Day. It has become obvious that the native clay needs to be screened through the 80 mesh. I might have to add sand at that. That's ironic. It seems to be Ok and Seattle Pottery

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