• Pat Fleming

August 17, 2020

I might have fired my last cone 8 pots ever. It was one of those times when you are just sitting there not concentrating on the problem and it walks up and says "here I am." I increased the borate in the dirt glaze to cone 5, my clay's favorite temp, to 30% and the results are so much the same as cone 8 to negate the need to mix a special cone 8 clay. Good Lord! Why didn't think of that in the 70s when all this started. Some more testing will be required. I threw some special mugs for an old student and a lidded pot for Shepat's koi food. Tomorrow I will go to one of our venues and change my paintings. I went there today and inventoried. Members of our group have started changing out own work in the same places on an individual time due to covid19. This afternoon I sort if finished the shed shelf where I will be storing my Lincoln 60 clay. I will finish after a break. My wife and I have developed a tradition of stopping at 2:30 and drinking wine and having snacks. I will finish the shelf after that today and then pull handles and add names to the special mugs. Life is good.

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