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Well this is odd. It appears that I haven't added anything in while. I have been busy getting ready for a feature show of my pottery until we got the notice that all 3-D exhibits have been cancelled because the winery that desperately wants us to support them has decide to not support local artists. Another vote for Franzia. I have been asked to donate 100 more soup bowls to a local charity for their empty soup bowls campaign but circumstances will be a problem. I have 33 from the last charity and have a few in the works but cataract surgery is looming this week and next week I broke down and bought 12- 8"x10" canvas panels for the July painting show at another winery. I hope the second winery works out. I am planning on 12 still lifes or landscapes in self made black frames. I am really interested in black background and strong light source. I really screwed up glaze testing again. Somehow the ID numbers got changed and the local clay and wood ash which is usually very dry was very liquid and the dirt did not re-oxidize. Oh well, start all over again. I think my kiln has lost an element. It hasn't reached bisque temp yet but I have a new, complete cone 10 replacement set. . .

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