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I have started making lidded soup bowls with handles. A friend suggested I do that and I thought it was a good idea. I got a check from one of my galleries up North. The Dayton/Walla Walla clay did not work. I ball milled it for maybe 2 hours. I think it would be a good additive. I am really excited about the 30% borate addition to local soil for an iron red glaze. I hope it continues to work. I have some commissioned mugs and I want to use this glaze. I ordered a replacement element for the test kiln and I will test the heck out of this glaze. I haven't painted in over a week but I have been working on doors for the small storage shed. I contacted Moses Lake and I am to take some more pots up there in September. Also I announced that the Walter Clore Wine place is closing and got a rather heated email from the manager about how they are not closing, just stopping hanging art. I hope I fixed the mistake but rumors, you know. My pots are fairly ready for the Wenaha feature show. I do need to sand them, inventory and wrap them. I need to know how many they want. I think I have too many which is OK since I need some for Moses Lake. I have been asked to do a ZOOM like conference with Brian Rust's University of Atlanta art classes about native materials. I missed an opportunity to make contact and hope I didn't screw it up. More later.

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