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It seems as though I cannot add any pictures to my IG site. I wonder why. There is really no point of having a blog if it doesn't include new photos. I will check it out. Got a new glaze test done today. The dirt glaze needs some more flux. When, who ever did it, bladed the clay they seem to have changed it. That's normal I suppose for natural materials. The glaze isn't as liquid as usual so I suppose I will add flux. I guess I should bite the bullet and buy some new borate as well as a thermocouple for my pyrometer although it doesn't do much. I am struggling with the glazes for my show in Dayton. The dirt glaze seems muted but the Tea Dust glaze looks as good as ever. I am taking a showy pot to Walla Walla for ArtWalla but wish I had some more of those. I wanted to take it to Dayton. I have to go the the gallery that I left due to them continuously censoring my work to pick up some paintings left there by Sally. The last time they censored my painting they couldn't give me a reason except the back side wasn't standard but at the same time they claimed they are not trying to standardize art. Tomorrow I will decide to re-fire the Dayton pots.


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I have started making some art pots. I wish I had the old, larger, kilns. The tallest limit is 17". I mixed up some cone 8 clay and some more cone 5 clay and have a pot in the test kiln. An intere


Had a talk with Brian's students in Augusta University today. It was a TEAM thing like skype. It went well. There were only 8 learners on board. It felt good to work with learners again. The bisque

October 7 2020

I seems that when I mixed up some clay for my last video I poured it into the wrong bucket and made the Dirt Glaze more refactory. I added some borate and tested it today. It seems OK. Tomorrow we

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