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I have re-glazed one of the cone 8 mugs with wood ash and re-fired. I hope this will be good. I expect I won't have any more for the Wenaha gallery show coming up although there are plenty of mugs. We will unload the test kiln tomorrow. I plan on going to cone 5 and staying there for a while. It was over 100 degrees today so I did not work on the walk way. However, I did design my way out of the problem of one of the levels being out of square. I plan on working tomorrow even though it will be over 100 again. Saturday we plan on traveling to Walla Walla to deliver the 8, 6"X6" paintings and a gallery pot for the ArtWalla event which supports Art/Ed. The venue coordinator from Walter Clore Wine etc. place stepped down. I volunteered but have not heard a response yet. I just hung there for 5 months because they were closed for Covid19 for 3 months. One of the exhibitors cancelled out so Bill aske me to fill 2 of the 3 spaces which I was more than glad to do. The third exhibitor committed suicide during the exhibit leaving her photographs up. Her grandson picked them up. Some of these young people cannot seem to comprehend that Pat and I started this group and I coordinated all events for the first 10 years. As usual for young people they come into a situation and assume nothing happened before they got here. I know I was the same way when I was a kid. Also the coordinator for the Richland Library has moved and I would rather have that venue. Richland Library has proven itself to be the single most supportive city owned venue in the Tri-Cities area. I consider them friends.


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I have started making some art pots. I wish I had the old, larger, kilns. The tallest limit is 17". I mixed up some cone 8 clay and some more cone 5 clay and have a pot in the test kiln. An intere


Had a talk with Brian's students in Augusta University today. It was a TEAM thing like skype. It went well. There were only 8 learners on board. It felt good to work with learners again. The bisque

October 7 2020

I seems that when I mixed up some clay for my last video I poured it into the wrong bucket and made the Dirt Glaze more refactory. I added some borate and tested it today. It seems OK. Tomorrow we

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